Telemarketing Tips – Telesales Tips

Here is my list of Telemarketing Tips and Telesales Tips. They will help you focus on getting better at what it is you do! Sell your products and services over the phone. These Telemarketing Tips are general to any business and if you incorporate them into your selling approach, your sales will improve. This list […]

The Mechanics Of Selling

Sales can be an extremely profitable and rewarding endeavour if practiced correctly. It isn’t magic! You need to know the mechanics of selling to succeed and do well. Sales can also be an unbelievable grind if it isn’t going well for you. Ask an experienced salesperson who is in a slump, and they will spew […]

Closing Skills | Always Be Listening

Closing Skills | Listen One of the most important closing skills in Telesales, is listening. Listen very closely. When you make a cold call over the phone and your prospect answers the call, the next 30 seconds are crucial. You must break the ice, establish a measure of civil decorum and generally feel each other […]

How To Close A Sale

Sales is Closing. Closing is getting a decision. It’s a yes or no moment! How would you like to pay? Do you like the color? Without knowing how to close a sale, you’ll make a career change, I guarantee it! Know this: All people make decisions and all people ask other people to make decisions. […]

Objection Handling | How to Reduce Objections

If you are a seasoned sales professional you know that overcoming objections will often be the key to landing a sale. Learning how to reduce objections has also probably helped you as well. If you are a new salesperson learning the ropes, you may be struggling with Objection Handling and may have found, in some […]

Sales Tips | Are You Selling With Integrity

Are You Selling With Integrity? There are situations in life that require people to take drastic steps. Salespeople, like everyone else, must ensure there is enough money to pay the bills and provide for themselves and their families. Can desperate situations mitigate certain values? What about normal circumstances? When does integrity come into play in […]