Persuasion Skills

Do the best salespeople have the best Persuasion Skills?

Maybe, maybe not, but being able to persuade a prospect to buy your goods or services is definitely required for success in any type of sales position.

The Art of Persuasion is Selling and The Science of Selling is Persuasion.

When a salesperson effectively persuades a prospect into becoming a client, a repeat client, it is seen as their main attribute.

Effective Persuasion in sales is what makes a salesperson successful.

The power to persuade is not a mysterious gift and everyone I know, at one time or another, has been convincingly persuasive. I’m sure you can name many people yourself.

Your Persuasion Skills can be learned and developed. If you want to be successful selling over the phone, learning to convince your prospective customer to buy from you is essential to your success.

The moment a sale is made your customer service skills will require a different kind of persuasion. A smart salesperson will learn to maintain and nurture customer relationships. Many salespeople fail miserably.

When you want a person to do something, it’s necessary to understand the process and the prospect, otherwise you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

The skill to persuade is often mistaken for the art of misleading people. Not true, although, like anything else, certain selling skills can be used for deceptive purposes. As a professional salesperson, you should always try to have empathy and sell with integrity.

At every turn in our lives, we are persuaded to make decisions. If you think about what influences your decisions, you will realize that there are some common factors that play an important role in every decision.

If you examine the buying decisions you’ve made, it should become apparent what strategies work. After all, we are all different but we are all basically the same.

Jim is primarily concerned with B2B Telesales. Selling over the Phone to business is a highly specialized activity and depends on many Sales Techniques specific to Telesales.

Whether you are looking for Sales Jobs or Sales Leads, TeleSales-Pro exists to provide you with valuable Sales Tips and Resources.

If you are trying to build your Sales Skills, improving your Telephone Sales Skills will give you a great foundation in Sales. After all, as salespeople, we all want to be Selling more.

Learning to Sell over the Phone will help you understand the Sales Process and will enable you to improve your overall Sales Negotiation Skills.

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